One-on-one support to clients and their loved ones who have received a life limiting diagnosis.

Offering companionship and non-medical practical assistance before, during and after death


Meet Tracey, The Last Leaf


Hi, my name is Tracey Roberts, end of life doula. Drawing from 37 years nursing experience I offer companionship and non medical practical assistance before during and after death. 

 I can only assume that the reason you may have stumbled across my page is because death is upon you or a loved one and for that I am sorry. Being told that you are dying is a confronting and fearful experience. Living with dying impacts your relationships with others. I help open up conversations about what death can look like, and the challenges and changes associated with end of life so that your loved ones feel supported, helping people to recognise the different states and changes at the end of life. 

Along with providing a holistic one-on-one support to the dying and your loved ones, I also want to change the stigma attached to talking about death and educate as many people as I can reach, both young and old. If you suddenly passed away would your family know your wishes? Death is a fact of life. I want to help you prepare and open up conversations about what death can look like- empowering and supporting people to do end of life their way, alleviating fear and uncertainty around your end of life.




Through this service I will provide emotional spiritual and physical presence to clients and their loved ones who have received a life limiting diagnosis, from the start of your journey to the end. As a death doula I provide non medical, comfort and support, and help guide you to understand and prepare for death, alleviating the fears and confusion you may have. 

If you need assistance with your end of life choices, funeral arrangements or completing necessary legal paperwork, I will be there to help you. In times of your grief and loss I can offer bereavement support and follow up, as well as recognising when you may need to be referred to other services. I can offer a healing and comforting presence and provide a caring compassionate space for you and your loved ones.


All of my services are tailored to your needs, as no one’s life is the same as another’s neither is their end of life journey, with the first consultation free of charge.

- Support and presence 

- Facilitate discussions with end of life care and choices


- Offer support with legal documentation

         - Advance care planning-wills

         - Advance health directives

         - Enduring power of attorneys


- Funeral planning


- Follow up bereavement support


- Vigil support during the active dying phase and follow up support for loved ones


- Emotional and practical support 


- Short respite care


- Liaising with GPS and community services




End of life doulas accompany those facing death, in a non clinical way, seeking to fill in any gaps that may occur. Providing comfort/company for the client, be it spiritual, family support or just listening to any concerns they will have. Also assisting with funeral discussions & your advance care planning.


When faced with mortality, yours (or someone elses) Death Doulas can support you and your loved ones to find a healing path with these adjustments and losses.  


If you suddenly passed away would your family know your wishes? Death is a fact of life. I want to encourage people to talk about death at home with their family and friends and to remove the fear if people talk about death that it will happen. Through my experience unnecessary conflicts can arise, in an already intense time, when a loved one passes away without leaving their wishes behind. 


With the uncertainty and finality around death, this is often the reason that no one talks about it. Death can happen at any time. Whether it is a life limiting illness or sudden event. Have you made arrangements who will take care of your possessions or your loving pet? Do your family or close friends know if you have a favourite song or flowers at your funeral? Having early discussions about your plans can have a big impact on the ones left behind.


"Words cannot express the sincere gratitude I have for you. The comfort you gave to my darling John in his final weeks was incredible. He so enjoyed your visits and you made such an unbearable time so much more bearable. I will never forget your compassion and kindness. Never underestimate how vital your role is at this difficult time. I have such enormous comfort in knowing John passed the way he wanted and I am forever grateful."


Kindness regards, Helen 

"I will never forget just how much it meant to Bill and I when we needed your guidance and support along that last journey we had to take together.


You were our ray of sunshine."


Much love, Rob

"In our deep appreciation for your excellent care and support given by Tracey, such a help day by in helping me care for my dearest sister"


With grateful and sincere thanks, Lila

"Just knowing you were available whenever we needed advise and support was a real comfort and strength in those last difficult days of her life"



I remember first hand the beautiful support you offered my beloved mum Joan and our family in her final days and death.. We as a family were sooo grateful and will never forget.


Get in touch,

I do acknowledge this can be a difficult time, and my service needs to be the one for you. I would love to meet for a chat or coffee to hear your story and discuss my services to support you and your loved ones.