As an End of Life Doula I provide emotional, spiritual and physical support to clients who have received a life limiting diagnosis and their loved ones.  I can offer non medical comfort and support, and help you guide you from the start of your journey to the end, alleviating the fear, and confusion that surrounds this time. 

There is so much to learn about the process of dying...

And directly after you or someone you love has been given a life-limiting diagnosis is a tough time to do it. So if you need assistance with your end of life choices, funeral arrangements or assistance to complete legal paperwork, I will be there to help you and provide the information and clarity that you need. 

I can provide assistance in your home or hospice and aged care facilities. I am able to work with your current nursing and care services, including your NDIS package,  and I am available after hours and during weekends to offer you and your loved ones the care you deserve during your final moments.  

I also offer bereavement support and follow up for the period of grief and loss, providing a healing and comforting presence for you. Should you need further support, my contacts within the industry mean that I am able to refer you to the best services available.

As a member of both NEDA, National End of Life Doula Alliance, IICT,  International Institute for Complementary Therapies, and PCA, Palliative Care Australia, I have access to some of the most up to date information and training in the industry to ensure that I am always offering the highest quality of care. 

Image by Alex Iby

If you work with dying patients and clients...

As a nurse of 40 years, I know how under prepared you can feel when faced with a dying person.  Of course, you want to offer compassion and support but knowing how to do so in a time that's filled with so much fear and uncertainty can be difficult.

With my experience working both in palliative care and as an End of Life Doula, I can provide both training and support to help you and your team offer the best care during this time. 

My specific services include:

  • Training and education-both 1:1

  • Speaking and  workshops


I also run Death Cafes within the Toowoomba Community. These meetups are completely agenda free and have no cost, its all about death without the discomfort or stigma. You can watch my Facebook page for upcoming events.

If you feel unprepared for death...

The thought of dying can be scary but that doesn't mean we should ignore it. Do your loved ones know your wishes should you die? Do you have the legal documentation in place to enact those wishes? Do you need help facilitating these conversations with your spouse or children?

The fact is if you are over 18 you need to have this conversation, especially if you have children, a family, or pets. Death can come when we are least prepared for it, so make sure that your loved ones know your wishes and you have the right legal documents in place so that they can honour you after you die.


As a Doula I can help you prepare for your end of life, and offer both practical assistance and emotional support during the process.  I can assist in sourcing and preparing the right paperwork to take to your solicitor or GP to ensure that your wishes are carried out.


My hope is to take some of the anxiety out of death and dying by giving you a solid plan for all the 'what ifs".

If you are over 60...

At a certain point in life death becomes less a matter of what if and more a matter when. The human body doesn't last forever and as you enter into the final stage of your life it's vital that you know what your options are around death and dying and what services are available to you.

Whether it's palliative care or dying at home, my role is to help make you aware of and connect you to the right services so that when the time does come, you can die in comfort and peace.  I can also help you to prepare the right legal documentation so that your wishes will be carried out, even if you are not able to express them. 

If you are grieving...

Grief is a natural part of death and it affects up all in different ways. For some this means you may continue grieving long after the person has died, and whilst this is not out of the ordinary, I believe that with the right help you can walk the path to healing.


As someone with a lot of experience around death and grieving, I know what this path looks like and I can help you talk it out, walk it out and connect you with the right services if you need to support your grief. Our grief is a way of reminiscing those we have lost, but our healing process honours them. 

If you are grieving a beloved pet...

I also know that grief can come from losing any loved one, especially our pets. Pets are such a big part of our lives and losing one can be devastating.  I know this firsthand after losing my little dog, Hudson. I hadn't been expecting it and so the loss I felt was all the more painful, but with a lot of talking and a lot of tears I found a way to live with my grief.

If you have a beloved pet who is dying, needs to be euthanised or has already died, I can provide emotional support and help you find a way to heal.